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"Promoting Global Excellence in Higher Education and Research is our Motto"

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Research Areas

The institutions which are willing to tackle the challenges in the teaching-learning process may join this Academy in order to improve the quality of education and to improve the standard of research to strengthen the foundations of educational process.

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C-STAR would identify select institutions/universities for entering into MOU for the promotion of research in academic institutions in order to improve the academic standards and quality

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Professional Internship Program

STEM Internship Program

Stipend Internship Program

Hospitality Internship Program

Aged & Disability Care


It is a great pleasure to be here on this Inaugural Day of C-STAR with the nation's beloved former Rashtrapatiji, inaugurating and other eminent academicians and educationist present.

I am a late comer to C-STAR. The persons who have conceived it are truly visionary. First of all, I see some beauty in the words STAR

STAR: an eternal guide for direction for the human beings since time immemorial especially in darkness. Also for aspiring persons it is a continual challenge - it attracts you, it twinkles at you, but it is still far far away.

Acquiring frontier knowledge and research into unknown to get new knowledge is such a challenge. Though such a challenge to the humanity and its successes has marked human progress and evolution so far, it is going to be a major dominant activity during the 21st century.

The capability to research into things hither to unknown to the humanity at the Global level, finding answers applying some of them for the use of large sections of world people (either commercially or otherwise), review the search for further unknown things .. This capability for an eternal search is going to mark the differences. Those who can connect the GLOBAL to LOCAL will benefit societies. Those societies which can do it well, will be more prosperous, health and perhaps happy too.

Those who cannot do so and are content to be followers type, may have to be at the survival and subsistence level (Still perhaps a much better standard of living than what it is today!)

India has to choose its path! Indians have to do. C-STAR founder's vision is to help, aspirant colleges and institutions to begin the path of research. They want to tape into the great COMMON POOL OF GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE available - not just in Website or books or real time lectures, but real practical knowledge called PERSON EMBODIES KNOWLEDGE.

Since knowledge, as a product of NATURE, thrives on and is safe with DIVERSITY, C-STAR hope to tap on different parts of INDIA and the world to seek such PERSON EMBODIES knowledge to be imparted, to be grafted and in more daring cases imbedded into Indian institutions.

Many in our academic and scientific community suffer from cyniasm and self-flage llafon.

But young persons are flooding the Indian Society at the rate of about 20 million per year whatever the cut off year you prescribe 18 years or 20 years or 25 years for entering into job market.

We need QUALITY as well as QUANTITY. India does not have the luxury of the slow evolution of excellent Universities as they exist in USA or Europe, Especially because during the past six decades, we have ignored the importance of QUALITY & QUANTITY being together. We created a VERSUS. Nature demands inclusion and diversity.

C-STAR is one small attempt to meet the great challenges to impart ways of doing Academic Research in our colleges and institution. I am thankful to the partner institutions. Firstly for their desire to lead their students into the path of research. Secondly for reposing their faith on C-STAR

Let your tribe grow and succeed.

Thank you!