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"Promoting Global Excellence in Higher Education and Research is our Motto"

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The institutions which are willing to tackle the challenges in the teaching-learning process may join this Academy in order to improve the quality of education and to improve the standard of research to strengthen the foundations of educational process.

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C-STAR would identify select institutions/universities for entering into MOU for the promotion of research in academic institutions in order to improve the academic standards and quality

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About Us

Our mission is to enhance the quality of research in our colleges and thereby the quality of technical educational programmes which is vital for national development.

In the energy sector, increasing the solar photovoltaic cell efficiency from the existing 15% to 45% using composite as a base with Carbon Nano Tube is an important research challenge. Scientists in reputed laboratory in the world have established the fact that the alignment of the CNT with the polymer composites substrate is the key issue and this aligned CNT based PV cells would give very high efficiency in hotovoltaic conversion. The polymer composites increase contact area for better charge transfer and energy conversion. In this process, the researchers could achieve the efficiency of about 50% at the laboratory scale. The intensity of research in Indian research institutions have to be enhanced to realize commercial production of CNT based Photovoltaic cells. This research will make an important impact towards energy independence.

India has to go for nuclear power generation in big way using thorium based reactor. Thorium, a non fissile material, is available in abundant in our country. Intensive research is essential for converting thorium for maximizing its utilization and generating electric power through thorium based reactors.

Proteomics is the study of all the proteins expressed by the genome of a cell. It is the logical extension of genomics. Proteomics helps to understand the basic biological processes critical to normal cellular functions as well as the development of diseases. It identifies the essential components of these processes and exploits these components as targets in the development of new methods to prevent or treat diseases. The proteomics programme is done nationally. The type of work involved is huge and challenging, and much bigger than the Human genome programme. There is national programme in proteomics. This has to be given thrust with cooperation of International Scientific community.

There are many research and development and testing of vaccine are progressing in the country for prevention of HIV/AIDS disease. It is indeed a big challenge for life science scientists to have an integrated vaccine development leading to production of anti-vaccine HIV/AIDS in three years time.

In many places in our planet, we experience severe earthquakes resulting in loss of life, loss of wealth and in some cases it destroys the decades of progress made by the country and its valuable civilizational heritage. India has earthquake problems eriodically in certain regions.

During my recent visit abroad, I found serious research in Iceland, Ukraine and Russia by young scientists. It is essential India has to work on mission mode research for forecast the earthquake using multiple parameters using precursors such as pre-shock conditions, electromagnetic phenomena prior to final rupture and atmospheric and ionospheric anomalies.

The quantum of rainfall in a particular area for a particular cloud condition within a specified duration is not being determined by the present monsoon prediction system. In addition there is a need for global monsoon research for determining intensity and quantum of rain with a particular cloud condition through a validated prediction system with detailed research. With this system scientists should be able to predict, how much rain will fall in a given period through the use of Polorimetric radar.

Technologies needed for sustainable development particularly in the rural sector.